Tiwa Savage Reveals She Might Go Butt Naked For Her Next Music Video

Nigerian sensational singer, tiwa savage has revealed that she might move butt naked in her next music video.

The “49-99” singer disclosed this while speaking to bbc on what to anticipate from her impending album entitled ‘celia‘. Consistent with her, she would possibly need to move bare due to the fact she’s out of thoughts on how to beat her preceding undertaking “49-ninety nine“. Tiwa delivered that everyone that labored at the challenge from the director to the ap are all nigerians.

“i might simply ought to go butt naked in my next video due to the fact i don’t recognize what else i’m going to should do to pinnacle that one!. And, simply to put it available, this become finished in nigeria. All of the forged is nigerian, the director, the ap, absolutely everyone is nigerian. I really like the truth that i may want to gift this to the label and say this become accomplished in africa with the aid of africans, this is what we are able to do. Consider when you invest in us even more, you would get excellent paintings.”

tiwa stated that the album expresses a whole mix of the emotions an african lady is going thru: love, aspiration, being bossy, being attractive, being vulnerable. She wants to let all and sundry know that she’s still stunning and still a boss. The singer stated all of that she ought to think the cutting-edge african woman is, and that’s what she desired to portray.

“we’re going through this pandemic, so the idea became i need to allow them to recognise that i’m still a chairman, that i’m nevertheless beautiful, that i’m nonetheless african. People had been without a doubt absolutely innovative with it which is extremely good. The album is an entire mix of the emotions an african female is going thru: love, aspiration, being bossy, being sexy, being susceptible.

“all of that is what i assume the current african woman is, and that’s what i desired to portray. It’s absolutely touched my heart to peer that humans are having a tough time at some point of this. I imply we’re blessed to be at home, we’ve got light, we will pile up food for months if we want to. But there are some individuals who can’t, folks that simplest have money for today or meals for these days. So this pandemic has certainly opened my coronary heart to the real state of affairs of where the arena is right now.”

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