COVID-19 survivor reveals the effect garlic, ginger and lemon concoction had on her

A nigerian girl who recovered from covid-19 has found out the impact of the use of garlic, ginger, lemon, and tumeric concoction to combat in opposition to the virus.

In keeping with the lady, consuming the concoction turned into so corrosive it was slowly peeling off her belly lining. The female additionally shared her signs along with her followers and said that “the virus is better heard of than experienced.”

she wrote: “k so i did not realize how ungrateful i was to be alive till covid 19 taught me a incredible lesson. This past two weeks combating for my lifestyles inside the health facility no be moinmoin.

‘allow me inform you what the virus does.

“**dry throat first. You’ll cough tire nothing will pop out.

“** jogging nose plus higher migraine *** the neck pain is first class.

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